Work 4 on, have 3 off, and GET A LIFE!

The 4 Day Work Week is all the rage in the corporate world, but it works very effectively for small and medium businesses as well.

Imagine having more downtime, less stress, while productivity remains the same, if not higher. Imagine your team being healthier, happier, and more committed to their work. This is all possible with a 4 Day Work Week.

I know this to be true because since 2016 my team and I have helped hundreds of small to medium business owners transform not only their businesses and personal lives, but the lives of their employees as well through the implementation of our 4 Day Work Week structures.

In fact, we are the only consultants in Australia and New Zealand with experience in helping SME’s to successfully transition to this new way of working and living.

About Us

I’m Rachael Evans, successful entrepreneur, creator of multi million dollar businesses, and passionate advocate of the 4 Day Work Week. I’m passionate about sharing the success of 4 Day Work Weeks because I’ve experienced first hand how it can not only transform a team as they work more cohesively, but also how it transforms the personal lives of both the employee and employer

Post pandemic we have employers concerned for employee burnout, increased absenteeism, and lower productivity, while we have employees striving for balance between how often they are at work and how much time they get to play.

The traditional 9-5 / 5 day work week has been around since 1908 and is ripe for disruption given how much has changed in the 120 years since its inception.

We have more women in the workforce than ever before, more mature age workers in the workforce than ever before, and new generations who won’t accept only living to work.

The Myths

While the media focuses on the trials undertaken by the big corporates around the world, little has been written for SME’s about how a 4 Day Work Week can apply to them.

Here are the big 3 myths:

The 4 Day Work Week Models:

Since 2016 we’ve developed five 4 Day Work Week Models that have helped hundreds of businesses successfully transition to 4DWW’s.

These models are in addition to the 100/80/100 model that has been the favourite of the big corporates, where employees receive 100% of their pay while working 80% of the time provided productivity goes no lower than that of a 5 day work week.

However, I’ve discovered that small to medium enterprises need more flexibility in order to make a 4DWW work for them and their employees, and as a result with our 5 models they now have options including closing one of their 5 days per week, slightly extending opening hours, splitting their teams into two crews, using a rotating 5th day off roster, a 9Day fortnight, and even a hybrid model that blends two or more of the other 5.

The key thing to understand here, is that provided productivity doesn’t drop, the structure of your 4 DWW can be designed by you and your team, for the betterment of you and your team.

The benefits

For employers, the benefits are numerous:

The Next Steps

Ready to explore?

If you are looking for a better balance between how you live and work, and would like to discover how you can do that for you and your team, we’d love to help.

We offer initial consultation to help you determine which model of the 4 Day Work Week is right for you and your team, and prepare you with what you need to go it alone with your 3 month trial and successful long term implementation.

If you’d like ongoing support throughout your trial including:

Our bespoke consulting package may suit you better.

Get in touch via the details below for a prompt and confidential discussion.


"The Workshop Whisperer team helped us transition into a four-day work week. Eight weeks in, the impact has been phenomenal. Our team and I now enjoy three days off every week. Morale is at an all-time high, energy levels are up, profitability and productivity have increased. Staying open longer has reduced afternoon pressure, allowing us to get more work done."
Aaron from Angus Car Services
We've been running a rotating four-day work week for two years now. Our business is open to the community five days a week, but our team and I all get a day off. This setup has improved our work-life balance, allowing us flexibility on our day off. Our local community appreciates the extended hours for picking up and dropping off cars. It's been a great change for us!
Kelly from TKB Mechanical
We transitioned to a nine-day fortnight with the Workshop Whisperer almost a year ago. Our productivity and profits have grown, and our team is happier. Our favorite part is having a long weekend every fortnight to spend with our family. Customers love the extended working hours too. Thanks to the Workshop Whisperer for this positive change!
Bek from Busselton Auto Repairs
About 18 months ago, we transitioned to a four-day work week, and it's been a wonderful value add to our team. Initially skeptical, given the heavy vehicle industry's five-day expectation, we made it work with a rotating roster. The team has embraced it, enjoying a day off during the week, boosting efficiency and productivity while virtually eliminating overtime. Most importantly, everyone is less stressed and happier at work. If you're considering it, reach out to the team at the Workshop Whisperer. They made it happen for us.
Jo from Geelong Transport
With the help of Rachel and Dean from the Workshop Whisperer, we've successfully incorporated a four-day work week. We've tailored it to suit our operations, combining light and heavy vehicle shops with field service. We've implemented a rolling roster for operations, allowing flexibility for early finishes or late starts. The guys appreciate the work-life balance, and some use their 'audios' for extra income or family time. The response has been positive, with the team on board and embracing the change. Personally, I've shifted to a shorter workday, from 8:30 to 3:30, finding it more productive. Embracing these changing times is crucial, and I highly recommend it.
Bernard from NDS



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